Wednesday, February 2, 2011

[PS] Convert a photo to a blueprint

Quick way of creating a blue-print from a photo.

1) Create a new Photoshop document. Unlock the background layer by double-clicking on the lock icon next to it's layer name. Apply this gradient overlay:
2) Download this pattern.
Press CTRL+A to select the entire canvas and then, using Edit->Fill ( SHIFT+F5 ) fill the layer with any color. Then, change the Fill  to 0% (under the Opacity field). Open this layer's style and check "Pattern Overlay". To use the patern you've downloaded press the down arrow next to the Pattern: , then press the arrow to the top-right of the opened panel and select Load Patterns. There , select the path to the downloaded patterns.

This is what you should have:

3) Place in a new layer the photo to be "blueprinted" :D. I've chose this pic of a motorcycle.
4)  Filter -> Stylize -> Find Edges.
CTRL+SHIFT+U to desaturate.
CTRL+I to invert colors.
Change blending mode to "Screen".

If you want you can press CTRL+L and ajdust a bit the levels (slide the black slider to the right and the white slider to the left, not too much).

This is another result, using the pic of this firetruck.

The same method can be used to create a pencil-drawing ( just replace the background with a white, paper-like one and don't invert the colors in step 4)