Saturday, May 7, 2011

[AI] Stack of money

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I'l show you a very quick way of creating a stack of money ($_$).
You can create this image in less then 5minutes.

1) Create a new Illustrator Document, 624*351 px. Select the Rectangle tool (M) and draw a rectangle having it's length approximately twice as it's height. Select the Direct Selection Tool (A) and move the upper edge slightly to the left. You should have something like this:

2) On this shape apply Effect->Warp->Flag to obtain the result shown below. I've used this values:

3) Now we'll add perspective to this shape using Effect->3D->Rotate.

4) Change the color of this shape to a light green (#75b043) and expand the shape ( Object->Expand Appearance ). Add a stroke (#599140) and expand again.

5) With the Type Tool (T) draw a '$' and apply the same rotate effect you did in the step 3. Expand this shape.

6) Make a copy of the green shape, change it's color to a dark green, move it 4-5 pixels down and press CTRL+SHIFT+[ to send it to back.

7)  Group all the layers created until now. Using the Selection Tool (V) select the group and ALT+DRAG it upwards to create a copy of the group. Now, select the copy of the group and press CTRL+D to create multiple duplicates of that layer. Do this until you get something like this:

8) Group all the layers, so you'll have a group containing a small stack of money. Now, do as you did in the last step to create bigger stacks. This is what I've got:

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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