Tuesday, August 24, 2010

[AI] Draw the grooveshark logo

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(Sorry for these 3 days without a post but my mouse stopped working and had to go and buy a new one...)

I'll show you how to draw the Grooveshark's logo. I've chosen this logo because making it will test your abilities of using Pathfinder and Masks. You'll also learn some great methods of creating reflections.

1. Open a new Illustrator web document (624*351). Draw a rectangle covering the entire artboard and fill it with a radial yellow->orange gradient.
2. Select the Ellipse Tool(L) and holding shift draw a circle. Make a copy of this circle layer and fill it with a radial gradient and apply Effect->Stylize->Drop Shadow.
3. Make another copy of the un-stylized circle and bring it to front (SHIFT+CTRL+]). Now, make this shape black and depending on your circle size apply Effect->Path->Offseth Path having a negative value. I used "-25px".Expand appearance and using the Direct Selection Tool(A) move the bottom anchor point upwards and also edit it's direction lines until you get a result simillar to this:
 4. In the following steps will add some reflections. Duplicate the un-stylized circle , bring it to front and make it white. Copy this circle again. Move this copy downwards some pixels and select both white circles.
Now use Pathfinder-> Substract from shape area and expand. Having only this top-reflection selected go to Effect->(Photoshop Effects)->Blur->Gaussian Blur : 2,5px. Create a mask for this layer so that this reflection will show only on the main circle.
5. Use the same method as in Step 4 to add a reflection to the bottom, or you can just copy this layer and flip it horizontaly (Transform->Reflect) and move it to the bottom of your circle.

6. Copy the black-colored shape layer. Copy the un-stylized circle and place it below the copy of the black layer. Select both this copies and use Pathfinder->Substract from shape area. (I moved the resulted shape to the left so you can see what the result will look like).
7. Copy again the black layer and move it down two or three pixels. Copy the white shape showned above and select both copies and use Pathfinder->Intersect.
8. Copy again the black layer but this time move it to the left 3-4 pixels. Select the white & black layers as you did before and use intersect and expand apperance. There should be two shapes resulted, one somewhere near the center and one  to the left. Erase that left shape. Move this resulted layer behind the black layer and apply Effect->Blur->Gaussian blur: 2px. This is what I've got:
9. Select the black layer and apply linear gradient and Effect->Stylize->Inner Glow as shown below:
10. Let's add some texture. Copy the circle drawn in Step 2 (the one with gradient&drop shadow on it) , remove the drop shadow effect from the Appearance window. Go to Effect->Texture->Texturizer. There choose the "Sandstone" texture, 50% Scaling and 5 Relief. Put this layer on Multiply, 25% opacity.
11. This is the final touch for the logo. Bring the un-stylized circle to front, copy it. Move this copy upwards and make it larger until you have something like this:
Select these two circles and use Pathfinder->Intersect,expand, then copy the black layer (drawn in step 3) and place it behind this white shape. Select this copy and the white shape and use Pathfinder->Minus Back.
Change this layer's Opacity to 20%.
12. If you want you can also add some shadows under the logo (if you don't know how you may want to go through my previous Illustrator tutorials )
Here is the final outcome after adding some low-opacity lines&circles into the background:
(Oh, and I've also added that light to the circle's top edge using the Flare Tool.)
If there's anything unclear you can DOWNLOAD THE .AI HERE

Waiting for your comments!

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