Tuesday, August 17, 2010

[AI] Draw an iPhone in less than 10 minutes.

Here comes a new Illustrator tutorial.
Draw an iPhone in less than 10 minutes.

1. Create a new web document (624*351).
    To make things easier you should add a vertical guide placed at the artboard's middle.
    To do this: press CTRL+R to show the ruler, click on the ruller and drag a guide on the arboard. Click the guide and somwhere near the top are some input forms to change the guide's position. Change X to 312 (or what the middle value is for your artboard).
   If you can't click the guide unlock them by pressing CTRL+ALT+; .
   To show/hide guides press CTRL+; .
2. Slect the Rounded Rectangle Tool and draw an iPhone-shaped rectangle. While using the Rounded Rectangle Tool you can press UP and DOWN arrows to modify corner's radius. Make this shape black.
3. Using the Pen Tool(P) draw the apple logo (it shouldn't be too hard). Use the picture below as a guide to drawing the apple logo. After that group the 2 pieces that form the logo and apply a light gray->white gradient.
4. Scale down the logo and center it using the guide you've placed before. Put the logo somewhere to the top part of the rectangle.
5. Select again the Rounded Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangle almost as wide as the iPhone, that starts from the top and has it's bottom edge somewhere close under the logo. Using the Direct Selection Tool(A) move the anchor points as in the picture below. Make this rectangle a very bright blue and apply a -90degree white->black gradient mask.
6. Trying to add a light to the bottom of the iPhone I've realised that the best way to do this is by drawing 2 rounded rectangles (the red one above the cyan one) and use pathfinder's subsctrat from shape after selecting the 2 rectangles.
7. Having the shape that we need , we now have to make it look more like a reflection. I've used the same method as in step 5 and I've also lowered the opacity to 76%.
8. Now let's add that "iPhone 8GB" text. Select the Text Tool(T) and choose a nice Sans-Serif font (see THIS POST to learn more about working with the text tool in AI ). Make the text a dark gray. For the 8GB part use again the Rounded Rectangle Tool, change the fill color to none and add a small stroke having the same color as the text. Center both "iPhone" and "8GB" using the guide you've already placed.

9. Select the Pen Tool (P) and draw a small white line near the phone's top. Lower the opacity to around 30%.
10. Let's draw the camera. Select the Ellipse Tool (L) and daw a circle to the top-left of the phone. Remember to hold SHIFT to make the circle perfectly round. Apply a -45degree gray->white->gray gradient.
11. Copy this shape and apply Effect->Path->Offset Path , changing the Offset field to "-1px". Object->Expand Appearance and apply a gray->dark gray radial gradient.
12. Copy the last circle and again apply Effect->Path->Offset Path but this time change the Offset to "-3" or "-4" pixels. Make this last circle black.
13. Ok, the phone is finished. Now select using the Selection Tool(V) select the entire phone and group all the parts. Duplicate this group to make the iPhone's reflection. Flip this group by Right Clicking on it -> Transform-> Reflect.
14. Move this group to the bottom of the original iPhone group. Apply a gradient mask.
15. As a final touch we can create a new rectangle and move it behind our design. Fill this with a 90degree white->gray->white gradient.