Monday, August 9, 2010

[AI] Photorealistc tennis ball Pt. 1

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Today I'll be teaching you how to create this very cool tennis-ball image. Because there are many steps (14) I'll break this tutorial in 2 parts.

1. Create a new web document (624*351).
Create rectangle shape that fills the background and apply gradient (shown in screenshot) to it.
Also apply a patter.
NOTE: You can change the patern size by going to Object->Transform->Scale,  there uncheck the "Object" option and check "Patterns".

2. Make a new circle shape, also add a gradient to the layer.

3. Using the pen tool create a white shape simillar to this:

4. For this step go to Effects->Warp->Flag.

5. Make another white shape for the ball's top part and expand both this shapes. Until now you should have something like this:

6. Copy the top white shape, make it black, move it down 1px,put the black layer behind the white layer, put it on overlay.
Do the same for the bottom shape, but instead of moving it down, move it up 1px.

7. Time to add some textures to that ball. Copy the circle-layer and apply a pattern from the basic-patterns swatches menu. Remember (from the previous note) you may need to scale-down the pattern.

8. As the final step in this part I've added one more layer containg a pattern for the ball.

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