Sunday, January 9, 2011

[TIPS] 8 must-know online tools for a designer

One month ago I thought that it will be nice if I'd make a list containing the best design-related sites I'll visit. So, here I am, after 1 month, posting the list :D.
Click each picture to go to that website.

1. CSS3 Gradient Generator
Very useful tool that  easily allows you to code web 2.0 gradients.

2. Color Scheme Designer
Want to make a website using reds only, but you don't know what shades look good together?
You should check this out!

3. Color Picker
You're in a hury and you need to get the hex code for a color?

4. CSS Code Beautifier
Easy way of cleaning up a messy CSS file.

5. CodePaste
Do you need to show some code lines to a friend? Simply post them using codepaste.

This is one of my favorites. This amazing tool lets you create and instantly preview javascript applications along with CSS and HTML files. You can also save your work and update it, so you can show it to others.

7. Stackoverflow
Even the best of us get stuck some times. This is by far the best Q&A website where you can ask programming questions (HTML,jQuery,php, etc...), having over 600.000 daily visits.
8. Imageshack
One of the most popular image hosting website.

Suggestions are welcomed . :)


  1. really useful list of tools!
    thanks, Simon at Pixmac (

  2. Thanks for your comment Simon.
    Stay tuned,I'll post another list next month.

  3. Colour Lovers is another great place for color palettes

  4. Yes, there are many other websites.

    I've just posted the ones I use and I consider the best :)

  5. I am glade to read this, Thank you so much for providing individuals with such a breathtaking opportunity to read from this blog. It is always very enjoyable

  6. That is the great tool to use, I love to use them to make good website like this.

  7. I should say I will use them to improve my website with graphic parts.