Sunday, August 29, 2010

[AI] Icon #2 -- Design a vectorized crate icon

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Before attempting this tutorial you must know the basics in:
->drawing using the pen tool;
->opacity masks;
->expanding objects;
->transforming shapes (scale,rotate,etc.)

1. Create a new Illustrator Web Document (624*351).
 Draw a square using the Rectangle Tool(M).
2. Copy this square and make it darker as the firstg one. Move it up, until you have something like this:

3. Using the Direct Selection Tool(A) move the top 2 anchors points of the darker rectangle downwards.
Select the top-left anchor point and press Enter to move it. Choose: X:25px Y:0px. Press ok.
Select the top-right anchor point and press Enter to move it. Choose: X:-25px Y:0px. Press ok.
You should have something simillar to this:
4. Copy again that ligther brown square and use Effect->Path->Offset Path, value ~= 3px. Object->Expand. Make this square a brighter brown.
5. Do the same thing you did in the previous step, but this time for the top darker-brown shape.
6. Duplicate the bottom brightest-brown square and again use Offset Path, but this time using a larger value (~25px). Make sure you check "Preview" while Offsetting Path to get the desired results. Also expand the resulted shape each time you use Offseth Path.
7. Same actions as in Step 6 for the top orange shape. After applying Offset Path and Expanding you may have to manually edit the resulted shape using the Direct Selection Tool(A) until you have this:
8. Using the Line Tool(\) draw 4 lines as shown below. Apply a 2px black stroke on the lines and expand them. Zoom in (CTRL++) and make all the necessary changes to this lines using the Direct Selection Tool(A) and the Pen Tool(P).
9. Using the Rectangle Tool(M) draw 8 black squares (as shown below) and group them (CTRL+G).
10. Ok, enough with all this geometric drawings. Time for some fun stylzing this crate.
Select the bottom lighter-brown square and apply this gradient:
11. Now select the center square and apply the same gradient as before. Also, go to Effect->Stylize->Inner Glow. Choose a dark-brown color and Normal blending Mode. Also raise the Blur amount.
12. Using the rectangle tool draw some horizontal lines. Apply the gradient shown below and then go to Effect->Blur->Gaussian Blur and use a 2-3px value. Exand this layer. You may want to use an opacity mask to hide all the parts that are not inside the center-square.
13. Select that black diagonal lines and group them. Change Blending Mode to Overlay and Opacity to 40%.
14. Duplicate the group created in the previous step and apply Efect->Blur->Gaussian Blur -> 2px value. Put this group on Overlay, 50% opacity. Also, you may need to use masks to hide all the unwanted blured parts.
15. Using the Pen Tool(P) draw a shape simillar to the one I've drew below. Apply the same gradient you used in step 10. Change blending mode to Screen.
16. Copy this shape and rotate it 90degrees. Make another copy of this rotated shape and Transform->Reflect it verticaly. Change Opacity of both these shapes to 50% and position them like this:
17. Copy again the reflection made in step 15 and transform&move:
18. Copy again the shape edited in the previous step. Change it's fill to a 100% black, blending mode to Overlay and Opacity to 30%. Scale it down like this:
19. Let's edit those black squares. Select their group and apply a 90degree gradient, change opacity to 50%.
20. Select the top largest square and apply a gradient simillar to this:
21. Select the second largest top square and use this gradient:
22. Select the smalles top square and apply the gradient shown below. Also use Effect->Stylize->Inner Glow.
23. Drag an arrow from the Symbol->Arrows window. Use a dark brown->light brown gradient. Apply Effect->Stylize->Inner Glow as you did in the previous step. Object->Expand this shape.
24. Using the pen tool draw a shadow shape. Make it black and apply Filter->Blur->Gaussian blur (~7px). Expand and change opacity to 30%.
25. Group all the crate shapes. Copy this group and Transform->Reflect it Horizontaly. Apply an opacity mask and move this group downards to create a reflection.
26. Group all the created shapes. Create a light grey->white gradiented background using the Rectangle Tool(M).
27. Done! To achieve the depth effect shown in the first outcome screenshot you only need to make multiple copies of this crate, move them upwards, scale them down and apply some Effect->Blur->Gaussian Blur :D.

You can download the .AI HERE!.

Hope you've enjoyed this tut :D.

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