Sunday, September 19, 2010

[PS] How to: Reflections

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There are other tutorials that teach how create a reflection in photoshop/illustrator but most of them are working only for reflecting 2D images (as images, text, etc) and others are simply wrong.
These are my first video tutorials, hope they'll be useful for you. (you should watch them HD on youtube).
Let's start.

1) Reflecting the text.

This one is the easiest (it can be also used for reflecting plain 2D images)
The gradiented background is optional.

2) Reflecting 3D perspective objects

This method should be used to reflect 3D-like objects.

3) Reflecting multiple (stacked) objects.

This kind of reflection is the hardest because you can't flip the image (in the reflection the objects must be stacked from top to bottom, but if you flip the stack they'll be stacked from bottom to top).

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