Wednesday, September 22, 2010

[AI] Vectorized funky/cute smiley

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Quick way to draw smileys.

1.Create a new Illustrator web document (624*351).
   Using the Ellipse Tool(L) hold shift and draw an orange circle on the artboard.
2. Still having the Ellipse Tool(L) selected draw another white, smaller circle as shown below.
!NOTE: I've added a guide to the artboard's center (x=312px).
3. Draw another black, smaller circle inside the white one:
4. Using the Selection Tool(V) click on the black circle to select it, then shift+click on the white circle to select both circles. Havign them selected, hold ALT+SHIF and move the circles to the left, so that the eyes will be simetrical.
!NOTE: Holding ALT will make a copy of your selection
             Holding SHIFT will only let you move your selection parallel to the X or Y axis.

5. Still having the right eye selected (black&white circles) right click on one of them and go to Transform->Reflect and choose Vertical.
6. Using the Pen Tool(P) draw some spiked black hair.
7. You can draw a simple white-circle to be the mouth.
8. The smiley is done, but if you want you can apply some effect to make it look more 2.0.
Select the orange circle and apply a gradient like so:
9. Add a shadow (this method is explained in many previous tutorials HERE for example).
10. You can also add some background by creating a rectangle using the Rectangle Tool(M) and sending it to back (CTRL+SHIFT+[ )

Here's the outcome:


Feel free to ask any question in the comment section below.

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