Friday, December 17, 2010

[PS] Text transition animation

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You should check the Speaker Animation tutorial before trying this one.
Here's another Photoshop Animation tutorial. This time you'll learn to create this text effect:

1. Open a new Photoshop document. Create a background layer, I've drew mine using the brush tool.
2. Using the Text Tool(T) draw your text. The text that you'll want to be displayed in different frames must be created in a new layer.
3. Group your text layers (select the layers and press CTRL+G). Duplicate the group by right clicking next to the group name, then clicking Duplicate Group. Name this new group "blur". Select all the layers inside the "blur" group and right click next to one's name and Rasterize Type.
4. Select the first layer in the "blur" group and apply Filter->Blur->Motion Blur.
Click the second layer and press CTRL+F to apply this filter again. Do the same for all the layers inside the blur group.

5. Open Window->Animation. This will be a bit harder then the Speaker Animation .  Hide all the layer inside the groups. In the first frame should be visible only the first text-layer from the text group. In the second frame the first layer from the blur group. In the third frame the second layer from the blured group. Now, the same rule applies for the next layers, here's the rule again:
T means normal text, B means blured, the digits are the layer's number.
1T 1B 2B 2T 2B 3B 3T 3B 1B .
I've added the first blured layer on the last frame because the animation will repeat (start again from the begining).
If you've started with 3 text layers, after this step you should have 9frames:
6. To make the animation smoother we must add some Tween between the frames. This part takes some time & attention. You must apply Tween only between the 9frames created before. To apply Tween , click on one frame, then SHIFT+CLICK the frame next to it to select both frames, after that click the Tween button (the one next to the Duplicate Selected Frames button). Tween using 2 frames.
7. After you did the previous step for all the 9 frames ( that means 8 times), you only have to change the delay time for the frames 1T,2T and 3T (as noted in step 5) to 0.30sec or something like that. To save the animation go to File->Save for Web and Devices (ALT+SHIFT+CTRL+S) choose GIF and save.
You can download the .PSD from HERE .:).

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